The Abalone Dish by Karacotta Ceramics

Color Ocean

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The Abalone Dish features:

  • Glossy interior
  • Shell-like exterior
  • Porcelain clay
  • Edges hand painted with 22k gold
  • Food safe
  • Gentle hand-washing recommended
  • Handmade; variance in appearance may occur
  • Made in the USA

Approximate Dimensions: 5" Length, 3.5" Width, 1" Depth

Contents: Porcelain claybody, glazes, 22k gold

About Karacotta Ceramics
Karacotta Ceramics works to bridge the gap between ‘aspirational’ and ‘possible’. They believe that a beautiful space cultivates creativity and a richer life experience, and that everyone deserves to live and work in a space they truly adore.

Each line is created with intention, and each piece is handmade in Austin using a multi-step process over the course of many days. It ensures no two pieces are created exactly the same, with slight variations in shape, size and glaze.

Karacotta represents ‘everyday beauty’, encouraging folks to truly love the physical items they bring into their homes. The business itself reaches community in a different way: the art we sell is the conduit for exploring and communicating bigger concepts, like sustainable business practices, artistic collaboration, and scholarships for young women.