My 52 Lists Project: Journaling Inspiration for Kids

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Create 52 lists, one for every week of the year, in this fun and easy guided journal for kids 8-12 to express themselves, practice writing, and reap the mental health benefits of journaling–from the author of the bestselling 52 Lists series.

Kids can express themselves, explore interests and hobbies, and learn more about themselves with each list! This beautiful, easy-entry hardcover guided journal can be started anytime, and can either be a safe space for kids to fill out on their own, or can be done with a loved one to spark great conversations. With these simple listing prompts (you don’t even have to write complete sentences!), kids will have fun practicing writing skills and building social/emotional intelligence.

Sample prompts include:

  •  List the things you want to do this year

  •  List the people you want to be like

  •  List everything you love to do outdoors

  •  List what you would spend 100 dollars on, just for you

  •  List the things you want to be known for


Includes 52 prompts, photography and illustrations, sturdy paper, sparkly metallic-foil accents, and a sticker sheet!

5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
144 Pages