Ecuadorian Palo Santo + Quartz Crystal Bundle by Black + Jane

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The Ecuadorian Palo Santo + Quartz Crystal Bundle features:

  • Desert inspired 3 piece Ecuadorian Palo Santo
  • Quartz crystal
  • Dried flowers
  • Wrapped with vegan suede
  • Ethically sourced from Ecuador
  • Crafted in USA
  • Hand wrapped with tag 

What makes these bundles so special and is important to know, is that the Makers, Black + Jane are committed to only provide products that are ethically sourced. The Palo Santo used in these bundles is imported from Manbi, Ecuador. This specific species is called Bursera Gaveolens and is not listed as endangered or unsustainable. The process of harvesting Palo Santo is not from cutting down trees, rather only collecting from rees that are dead and have fallen naturally. Many farms in Ecuador have reforestation programs and are continually replanting trees for preservation. 

How to Smudge Your Home
First, open your windows to allow for energy no longer serving you to be released. Then, light your smudging tool and blow it out so smoke begins to flow.  Intuitively choose where you would like to begin and move clockwise in a smooth, circular motion. Be sure to perform this ritual in nooks, closets and dark spaces in addition to the main areas in your home. Use a bowl of sand to put it out once your ritual has been completed.

The Art of Smudging
Smudging is an ancient art practiced by different cultures for centuries that utilizes the smoke of burning sacred plants to cleanse a space. The smoke from certain plants releases large amounts of negative ions into the air we breathe and are surrounded by. Negative ions are the good vibe ions that are responsible for that feeling of bliss when we step onto a beach or are close to a waterfall. The smudging process clears negative energy by changing the molecular structure of the air and energy, which has more benefits than just cleansing the air. Smudging is a natural antidepressant. Negative ions produced through this practice, get into our bloodstream from inhalation. This lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, normalizes breathing and leads to improved sleep.

Measurement is approx. 4"

About Black + Jane
Founded in 2015 in Venice Beach, California, Black + Jane is a multi faceted accessories and beauty brand focusing on metaphysical magic, apothecary, and self-love. Every piece is thoughtfully handmade in Los Angeles. 

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