Let's Talk Color!

Thread + Seed's Customized Color Profiling System offers an innovative approach to personal styling and well-being through the strategic use of color. By understanding the impact colors have on appearance and emotions, this system curates four unique color profiles designed to enhance both look and mood. Let's explore...

What's Your Style Palette?

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  • Colors Included: Light blues, light greens, soft grays, white, and muted pinks
  • Ideal Match: Best suited for individuals with cooler undertones
  • Emotional Impact: These colors are selected to instill a sense of relaxation and calmness in the wearer.


  • Colors Included: Bold black and white, navy, gray, clear blue, and bold green
  • Ideal Match: Ideal for those with cooler undertones and individuals who naturally have a high contrast between their hair, skin, and eye color.
  • Emotional Impact: The clear profile is designed to make individuals feel bold and empowered, enabling a striking visual statement.


  • Colors Included: Warm shades like golds, taupe, and terracotta
  • Ideal Match: Perfect for individuals with warmer undertones
  • Emotional Impact: Aimed at evoking fun and energetic vibes, this profile brings a lively and vibrant energy to the wearer.


  • Colors Included: Earthy tones such as olive, brown, taupe, and darker terracotta
  • Ideal Match: Best fits those with neutral undertones, providing flexibility across various complexions
  • Emotional Impact: The grounded profile is designed to instill feelings of stability and grounding, offering a sense of security and connection to the earth.