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The Strength 'High Vibe' Box


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There's no question we need to lift the vibe! These boxes are designed to lift the energetic vibration of you and your loved ones. When you give, smile and feel loved, that's when you're energetically vibrating at the very highest! So let's lift the vibe together:)

The contents of this package include clearing tools such as palo santo and white sage spray (perfect for an office or to carry in your bag), our featured gemstone (read more below), a custom made soy candle infused with essential oils to embrace the property of the box and our very own Thread + Seed matches. This gift box includes everything you need to clear the negative energy and to uplift the vibe!

Featured Gemstone
Pyrite enhances strength of mind and willpower.

1 oz White Sage Spray
Individual Palo Santo Stick
Thread + Seed Matches
Custom Made High Vibe Candle - Strength

For all packages to be shipped, we ship them in our custom 'Someone Thinks You're Special Box'. For all packages picked up from our shop or hand delivered, they arrive in a two piece kraft box perfectly secured with a bow and greenery. Our exclusive High Vibe Box features special gold and white sparkly shred! There is a special note detailing what this box is all about and the gemstone properties.

See other product views for photos of packaging.

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