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Thread + Seed embraces a minimalistic approach to life. The product mix is curated with intention to offer a mindful selection of style, self-care and gifts.


My idea for Thread + Seed was to create a one-stop-shop for women on the go that need the perfect gift, a simple wardrobe they can build upon with fashion pieces and a simple / healthy approach to self-care.


STYLE: Some of the newest things we implemented at the South Park shop are a denim bar because we are switching the way people shop...a more sustainable approach with timeless denim pieces and basics that they can keep for a long time to come. Then they can build upon those items with more affordable fashion pieces to add in a stylized element.


SELF-CARE: We aren’t an esthetician or skincare store nor do we want to be. We provide a simple and affordable approach to self-care that even the mom-on-the-go can keep up with. It is 4 simple steps CLEANSE - TONE - HYDRATE - TREAT. The first 3 steps daily and TREAT once a week. We paired it down to the brands we believe in that have high-quality products, source ethically and are all-natural. We did the work so they don’t have to:)


GIFT: The Build-a-Box Bar is a ‘go to’ already. This section allows them to curate their own special gift for their ‘special someone’. They can also buy pre-curated boxes online. My next step is to implement a ‘Build a Box’ feature online:) I love the saying ‘Gift with Intention’. Gifting is the heart and soul of the company because it’s spreading kindness and smiles to not only our customers but our recipients too:)