The Illuminated Tarot

The Illuminated Tarot

The Illuminated Tarot by Caitlin Keegan

The tarot is a visual system of storytelling that encompasses a wide range of human emotion and experience. The name tarot is thought to have come from tarocchi, a card game that originated around the 15th century, with cards similar to the playing cards we know today. The card images and decks evolved as they were more frequently used for divination. Most modern tarot decks, such as the well known Rider-Waite-Smith are composed of 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Illuminated Tarot evolves together the tarot's traditional Major and Minor Arcana into a 53-card deck that can be used for either gameplay or personal reflection.

Product details:

  • 53 illustrated cards for divination or gameplay
  • Guidebook for reading and interpretation