The Christmas Box


Our gift boxes are curated with the 'best of the best' products within our store. We carefully chose each item due to it being a best seller and because we fully believe in the quality of the product.

The perfect Christmas box that everyone will love! Mini Happy Holidays card included.


This box features: Large Mast Milk Chocolate Bar, Joy Smudge Stick, Soy Christmas Tree Candle by Brooklyn Candle Co., Custom Thread + Seed Matches and a Mini Happy Holidays Card.

This box is shipped in our SOMEONE THINKS YOUR SPECIAL black custom shipping box.* If you wish to pick up in-store it will be packaged in a traditional kraft 2-piece gift box.


This box features: Mini Mast Milk Chocolate Bar, Joy Smudge Stick and Christmas Tree Travel Candle by Brooklyn Candle Co.

Mini - this box is shipped in a 2-piece kraft box inside a shipping box.*

*PLEASE NOTE: wood boxes are used for display only and are not included in this purchase. Packaging and fulfillment is included in this price.