The Breathe Box


Our gift boxes are curated with the 'best of the best' products within our store. We carefully chose each item due to it being a best seller and because we fully believe in the quality of the product.

This box is all about deep breaths, letting go and manifesting balance and harmony in your special someone's life...or treat yourself ;)


This box features: How to Breathe by Ashley Neese, Breathe Deeply essential Oil Mist by Happy Spritz, Breathe Soy Candle, Palo Santo + Quartz Smudge Stick and Live Simply Trinket Tray.

This box is shipped in our SOMEONE THINKS YOUR SPECIAL black custom shipping box.* If you wish to pick up in-store it will be packaged in a traditional kraft 2-piece gift box.


This box features: Breathe Soy Candle, Palo Santo + Quartz Smudge Stick and Live Simply Trinket Tray.

Mini - this box is shipped in a 2-piece kraft box inside a shipping box.*

*PLEASE NOTE: wood boxes are used for display only and are not included in this purchase. Packaging and fulfillment is included in this price.