Milk Chocolate by Mast Brothers


This is your childhood favorite with a lot less sugar and a lot more buttermilk. Creamy, decadent, and nostalgic. Mast Brothers bring you organic milk from the great bluegrass state of Kentucky slowly mixed in with cacao, sugar, butter and vanilla.

60% cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter, buttermilk powder

Cacao origin: Madagascar

28 g chocolate bar

Mast Brothers is a New York chocolate maker with a flagship location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Founded by pioneering brothers Rick and Michael Mast in 2007, Mast Brothers are introducing chocolate to the world with an obsessive attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, groundbreaking innovation, and inspirational simplicity. Mast Brothers makes signature chocolate bars, beverages, and confections with an emphasis on clarity of flavor.