Happiness Box
Happiness Box

Happiness Box

Happiness curated in one box. First, your special someone can smudge their house and promote positive energy. Then, its time to soak in a bath with a handmade bath bomb or the calm bath salts...yes there will be multiple baths in their future! Lastly, get inspired by Moorea Seal's all time best seller, 52 Lists for Happiness, sure to be a life changer.


Cedar & Rose Smudge Stick by Among the Flowers
Foraged rosemary, lavender and cedar sprigs were bound together with dried rosebuds and colored string in a beautifully crafted smudge stick. The celtic practice of opening the windows and wafting herbal smoke throughout the house just after the new year begins is meant to drive away negative energy and rejoice in new beginnings. 

Handmade Moisturizing Bath Bomb by Among the Flowers
Handmade with shea butter, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, essential oil, arrowroot powder and dried petals. Let fizz for 2 minutes then set aside to dry for multiple baths.

52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal
Drawing on happiness research and her own personal philosophy, Moorea Seal creates an inspiring tool for list lovers everywhere to discover the keys to their own unique happiness and bring more joy and balance into their lives. This beautiful, undated hardcover journal with 52 listing prompts encourages readers to reflect, acknowledge, and invest in themselves, and ultimately transform their lives by figuring out exactly what makes them happy.

Calm Bath Salts by Herbivore

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