Banana Jam by Brins


Banana Jam with Whole Bean Vanilla by Brins Jam & Marmalade

regular 7.5 oz jar | $9

mini 2.5 oz jar | $5

Brins is a little company that started from making preserves in a tiny Brooklyn kitchen out of the abundant care packages of backyard citrus & herbs family would send from back home in Louisiana. Bringing back the flavors of the markets and souks across the globe, Brins marries the highest quality spices & fruits to make artisan preserves. BRINS is a cajun french word that means “little bit”.

Brins Banana Jam is literally jam-packed with ripe bananas and real vanilla bean. Vanilla bean brings a mellowness to round out the boldness of sweet bananas to create this simple but super addictive jam.

Peanut Butter hasn’t seen something this great since chocolate.


Cane Sugar, Bananas, Lemon Juice, Pectin, Vanilla Bean