Bamboo Soft Washcloths by Nash + Jones


Bamboo Double-sided Fleece and Velour Soft Washcloths by Nash + Jones

Set of Four Cloths

The Nash & Jones line began out of necessity. The founders' reactions to products filled with chemicals, dyes, perfumes and preservatives were awful so they adopted a more natural lifestyle, bringing you essential skincare tools that are safe, high quality, and beautiful.

These cloths will soon become your favorite part of cleansing. These super soft, luxurious Bamboo Cloths are naturally hypo-allergenic, very gentle on skin, naturally antimicrobial and OEKO Certified.

Directions: Soak these super soft bamboo cloth in hot water to give a warm steam as you gently wipe the face before/after cleansing. {machine washable with whites without bleach, air dry}