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At last! Summer has arrived! We're here to help you stay naturally protected and glowing all summer long. Here are our favorite sun care tips and products so you can beat the heat toxin free:

Before Sun: How to Prep Your Skin

Be sure to keep your face and body moisturized all summer long using a clean moisturizer or oil, since sun exposure tends to dry the skin. May we also recommend a scrub before you head out into the sun? It will help slough off any dead skin to get you glowy and will allow your sunscreen to have more staying power.

Clean Sunscreen: What To Look For

Make sure you look for a Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen. That means it will protect against both UVA, rays that age the skin, and UVB, rays that burn skin. The FDA recommends an SPF of 15 or higher, anything less will put you at a greater risk of burning. Lastly, a clean sunscreen should feature Non-Nano Zinc. This means the zinc particles are kept in their natural state, thus not entering the bloodstream. Non-Nano Zinc just sits on top of your skin, creating a reflective physical barrier between your body and the sun.

Sun Products: Our Favorites

Three Sixty Five Facial Sunscreen by Kari Gran

Three Sixty Five SPF 28 by Kari Gran | $48

Why We Love It: Kari Gran has created our new go-to daily facial sunscreen. It's perfect to work into your morning routine, or any time you know your face will be exposed to the sun. Featuring non-nano zinc (no risk of nano particles entering the bloodstream) this SPF 28 broad-spectrum sunscreen falls within the upper range of the FDA's recommended 15-30 SPF perfectly. What we love the most about this facial sunscreen is that it is expertly blended with botanical oils for a smooth, velvety texture without any white cast residue and is designed for daily wear, rain or shine.

SPF 30 Sunscreen by Salt + Stone

SPF 30 Sunscreen by Salt + Stone | $17.99

Why We Love It: Salt + Stone has crafted the perfect full-body sunscreen that not only protects, it deeply hydrates and is anti-inflammatory. Infused with antioxidants, this Broad Spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen will also help your skin bounce back from exposure to the elements all summer long. Its lightweight, non greasy texture applies easily and covers evenly, leaving no visible white residue. It's water resistant and reef safe, great for you and your entire family.

Surf Mud & Surf Mud Pro by EiR NYC

Surf Mud by EiR | $26 - Surf Mud Pro by EiR | $32

Why We Love It: Surf Mud is perfect for those areas that need extra protection (SPF 30 and Pro SPF 50. This water resistant sunblock is perfect for those areas that tend to get the most exposure: your nose, shoulders and ears. EiR's Surf Mud also contains plenty of healthy ingredients like antioxidant-rich chocolate to help fight free radicals caused by sun exposure.

After Sun Mist by Herbivore Botanicals

After Sun Mist by Herbivore Botanicals | $20

Why We Love It: The soothing aloe vera in the After Sun Mist combined with cooling mint and therapeutic lavender bring a natural relief to hot, sun-drenched skin. Pro-Tip from our friends at Herbivore: Keep it in the refrigerator, and get an extra cooling effect on post-sun exposed skin.

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