Clean Beauty Ingredient Hot List for 2017

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The great thing about clean beauty is that small-batch makers choose ingredients you can actually understand! But which ingredients do what? Well, here are some of our favorite ingredients that you will find in many clean beauty formulas.


activated charcoal

What is it?
Activated charcoal is carbon that’s been treated to increase absorbency. 

What does it do?
It acts like a magnet to attract and absorb toxins, pollutants, dirt and oil.

What is it good for?
Want to get out all those deep, dirty toxins causing blackheads and breakouts from your skin? This is your go-to!

What product(s) to try?
Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar Soap by Herbivore
Bamboo + Aloe Facial Cleanser by Little Barn Apothecary 
Insider Tip
It takes some time to pull some of the toxins and pollutants from deep down, so give it a couple weeks to work it’s magic!

Ingredient #2: FRENCH PINK CLAY

French Pink Clay

What is it?
It is a combo of red and white clays. It is known to be one of the mildest clays which works well for mature, normal and sensitive skin.

What does it do?
It’s known for its properties of cell renewal, skin rejuvenation and improving elasticity.

What is it good for?
It has a high level of Iron Oxide and Silica which help to regenerate skin tissue and keeps skin looking more youthful.

What product(s) to try?
Pink Clay + Rosehip Facial Mask by Palermo

Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap by Herbivore

Insider Tip
This ingredient is great for someone looking to try out new face masks or who needs a mild cleanser to use on a daily basis.

Ingredient #3: DEAD SEA SALT

Dead Sea Salt

What is it?
Salt derived from the Dead Sea which has been known since ancient times for its therapeutic and healing properties. 

What does it do?
It has a high level of salt content rich with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, potassium and zinc, all of which are easily absorbed by the skin.

What is it good for?
Each mineral has a long list of benefits but in short this salt detoxifies, promotes skin renewal, soothes skin, replenishes moisture and helps revitalize a dull complexion.

What product(s) to try?
Replenishing Salt Soak by Palermo

Ingredient #4: MARULA OIL

Marula Fruit

What is it?
An oil derived from fruit kernels from the Marula tree which is indigenous to Southern Africa and Madagascar.

What does it do?
It contains high levels of antioxidants which help cells to renew and resist the damaging effects of the environment.

What is it good for?
Marula Oil provides advanced protection against photo-aging while it neutralizes free radicals, helps build healthy collagen and provides antioxidant protection. It also is rich in essential fatty acids that deeply hydrate and reduce redness in the skin. Overall, this is an amazing ingredient to keep your skin looking young, fresh and glowing.

What product(s) to try?
Olive + Marula Cleansing Oil by Holistic Science Co.

Precious Flower Oil by Holistic Science Co.

Ingredient #5: ROSEHIP OIL

Rosehip Seed

What is it?
It’s harvested from the seeds of rose bushes and is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

What does it do?
The anti-flammatory fatty acids and Vitamin A and C help treat signs of aging and pigmentation while hydrating your skin.

What is it good for?
Rosehip oil is an essential ingredient that helps tighten up your pores and brighten your skin.

What product(s) to try?
Rosehip Cleanser by Indie Lee

Phoenix Facial Oil by Herbivore
Beauty Oil by From Molly with Love 


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  • Thank you for crafting this post and providing the sources to learn more about clean beauty. I really enjoyed learning about the ingredients that can improve my skin.

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