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We love a good Self-Care Night here at Thread + Seed. Sometimes we have a full 2 hours to give ourselves a full spa night. Most of the time, we just have 20 minutes after a long and stressful day to nourish our skin and feed our soul. That's where the new Facial Masks by Little Barn Apothecary come in. 

Read along for a Step By Step Guide to making the most of 20 minutes. We promise to show you the simplest and easiest way to feel just a bit better. File Under: Antidote for those days.

Step 1: Cleanse Your Skin

First things first, get your skin nice and clean. Gently wash your face with one of these cleansers based on your skin type (but don't scrub too hard... taking your stress out on your face is never a good idea!).

For Oily/Combo/Acne Prone Skin: The Charcoal + Aloe Face Cleanser is perfect for gently getting your skin squeaky clean.

For Dry/Normal/Mature Skin: The Cocao + Chamomile Cream Cleanser is a luxurious cleanser that provides a hydrating, gentle cleanse perfect for dehydrated skin, that's both anti-inflammatory and repairing.

Step 2: Apply Your Mask

A mask is a perfect way to force yourself to unwind and decompress. Since you have to move a little slower when you have it on, it will not only take care of your skin, but it will also help your brain by telling it to relax. Again, choose the one that's best for your skin type.

For Dry to Normal Skin: The Calendula + Lycopene Mask by Little Barn Apothecary

This mask is both deeply hydrating and offers enzyme exfolation. Relax while this gel mask nourishes, calms, and fortifies. Papaya enzymes and tomato lycopene work together to penetrate deep into your skin and deliver intense moisture right to where we need it most, while reducing fine lines and dullness resulting from dehydrated skin. Also formulated with calming calendula and strengthening helichrysum to protect and repair your skin from the harsh elements of the outside world.

For Oily to Combo Skin: The Coconut Ash + Earth Mask by Little Barn Apothecary

This mask offers deep cleansing via activated charcoal from coconut ash. It will effectively brighten and purify congested pores and assists in a healthier blemish free complexion. Formulated with activated bamboo charcoal, coconut extract, and carrot seed for a deep clean to clear oil, grease and grime, yet without over drying the skin.

Step 3: Pour Yourself a Relaxing Beverage

We love to pour ourselves something to sip on, whether it's a glass of natural wine from our friends at The Rose (learn more about the benefits of natural wine Here) or the Retrograde Herbal Tea by Herb + Nectar.

We love this tea because it was specifically formulated to aide with stress and anxiety. Inspired by Mercury Retrograde, an astrological time for reflection, transformation, and growth, this comforting blend includes only herbs that were hand selected for their qualities of stress relief, anxiety reduction, and nourishment for the body + mind. It's also infused with Reiki, the universal life force energy, + the essence of Smoky Quartz - to promote grounding and meditation, while helping you to release negative energy & protect yourself from stress.

Step 4: Chill Out for 20 Minutes

Now that your mask is on, your beverage is poured, you have 20 minutes to do whatever relaxes you the most. That could be reading, watching a favorite tv show, or just staring at the wall and letting your mind go blank. Don't overthink it, just set your timer and allow yourself to chillI. 

Why not read about some more ways to practice self-care with this Little Book of Self Care.

Step 5: Rinse Off Your Mask

When your 20 minutes of relaxation are finished, be sure to gently wash off your mask, using a washcloth and warm water.

Step 6: Tone

After rinsing the mask away, be sure to spritz a light toning mist. See our Little Barn picks based on skin type below:

For Oily-Combo Types: The Bamboo + Fresh Mint Clearing Mist is the perfect astringent mist to keep oils in control and to dampen the skin perfectly for a calming facial oil.

For Dry-Normal Types: The Aloe + Rosewater Balance Mist is replenishing, hydrating and nourishing, the perfect pH balancing mist before you moisturize. 

Step 7: Moisturize

Don't forget to finish off your skin with a dash of moisturizer that will work its magic while you sleep. Take a look at our picks:

For Oily-Combo Skin: The Lavender + Frankincense Original Oil is beloved by our staff for its calming and balancing properties that make it ideal for oily and combination skin.

For Dry-Normal Types: The Borage + Botanicals Hydration Cream will add that extra luxurious touch of fortifying moisture to skin that is parched. 

Step 8: Sleep Soundly

Your final step is to hit the sack with a little aromatherapy, and enjoy the peace that comes with taking care of yourself.

The Sweet Dreams Darling Mist by Happy Spritz contains the essential oils of lavender and calming chamomile that will help promote relaxation and restful sleep. 

Learn more tips and tricks, get familiar with the basics of Clean Beauty and more by Checking Out Our Blog.

To see all of our upcoming events, check out our Event Calendar Here.


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