New Year Intention Circle Event

Start 2019 off with intention as we ring in the New Year with purpose, passion, and with unlimited potential. Join us as Ava Johanna of The Alchemized Life (@avajohanna) will lead us in a Mindset Cleanse Workshop and Melanie Esperon of Reiki Room San Diego (@reikiroomsd) will guide the New Year Intention Circle. Begin 2019 surrounded by love, possiblity, and the Highest Light. This is the perfect event for meditation and ceremony beginners.

A note from our founder, Melanie Michaud

"Ava and Melanie have both had such a phenomenal impact on my life. The Alchemized Life is a podcast that continues to shift my way of thinking and enhance my learning. I actually discovered Melanie Esperon through a podcast interview on The Alchemized Life. Melanie of The Reiki Room continues to guide me as I explore my spiritual journey and has revealed tools within myself that have allowed me to make leaps and bounds in self-love and achieving my goals. This workshop is something very close to my heart and I am so excited to share these two gifted women with each of you." Get Tickets


6 to 6:30pm: Socialize, snack & shop at Thread + Seed

6:30pm: Ava Johanna will lead a the Mindset Cleanse Workshop
The mindset cleanse is all about reclaiming power in our lives so we can expand our impact and heal ourselves + others. It's a 5 Step approach to turning limiting beliefs into liberating beliefs so you can love a truly elevated life. It involves journaling guided meditation and mild breathwork so listeners feel confident reigniting their spirit, shifting from a space of hustle to alignment and attaining what it means to live a uniquely Alchemized life. Get Tickets

7:15pm: Melanie Esperon will lead us in an Intention Circle
As we step into the New Year, we step into the possibilities of our Highest Light.
What is it that I want?
What is my Purpose?
Who Am I?
Come gather in sacred space as we reground, receive and share. Allow Melanie to guide you through a Grounding Meditation and Channel a Message from your Archangels ~ just for You. Moving forward in the highest direction, we will close sacred space with a special Candle "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."  Get Tickets


All attendees will receive 15% off all purchases in-store. Our Thread + Seed team will go through Clean Beauty tips and 1-on-1 consults as requested at the beginning and end of the workshop. Plus, enjoy drinks and refreshments. Get Tickets

THINGS TO BRING: cozy up in warm clothing, bring a blanket (we will be outside around a fire pit), notebook, pen or pencil. Get Tickets


Ava Johanna is a transformational mentor, meditation + yoga teacher, and breathwork facilitator on a mission to bridge the gap for anyone craving more love, health and happiness in their lives. She has been featured on major wellness publications such as MindBodyGreen and Wanderlust and is the host of The Alchemized Life Podcast which features top thought leaders in the wellness industry and lessons to inspire listeners to blossom into who they were always meant to become. Get Tickets


Melanie Esperon is a born Clairvoyant, Open Channel, Healer, and Guide. Melanie has spent nearly 10 years of service channeling for and training clients around the globe. Melanie is the leader of Reiki Room San Diego, which uses the mixture of intuition, reiki, meditation, nutrition and yoga to resonate with and heal people from all walks of life. Get Tickets

Date And Time
Thu, January 24, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PST
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Thread + Seed
2870 Fourth Avenue
Unit 106
San Diego, CA 92103
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