Clean Beauty 101 : The Busy Moms Guide

Clean Beauty 101 Series: Thread + Seed is excited to introduce Clean Beauty 101, a series all about the biggest movement in personal care!

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Because let's be real... what mom isn't busy?!

At Thread + Seed we understand that being a mom is hard f***ing work. Most of the moms we know juggle careers as well (as if being a mom wasn't already a full-time job) and what we've learned is that they need products that will do the trick in as few steps as possible, while keeping toxins out and away from their family. 

Turns out, it can be done! We've got the best products for busy moms right here:

The 2-in-1 Cleanser

We love the Olive + Marula Cleanser by The Holistic Science Co for so many reasons, but it is especially great for busy moms. This oil-based cleanser does double duty by removing makeup and cleansing in one step, plus it's super gentle, giving mom's sensitive skin a break. Purchase In Store or Via Phone.

The Cleanser for Those Days

And for the days when you just need to collapse into bed or simply need some quick cleansing on the go (baby drool on the face, anyone?), the Cleansing Water is your go-to. It comes in a spray so it's super easy to use, is gentle, and smells so calming and refreshing. Purchase In Store or Via Phone.

The Soothing Toner

The Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist by Herbivore offers soothing hydration, and also helps to soften even the most sensitive skin. Antioxidant rich rose helps to reduce redness and inflammation, while hibiscus works to even skin tone. This mist is the perfect item for any mom on the go, as it can be misted anytime throughout the day!
The Stress Relieving Toner 
The Jasmine Green Tea Toner by Herbivore will help balance out post-natal and stressed out hormonal skin issues, while boasting the calming powers of jasmine and aloe vera. And yes, it comes in a great for on-the-go spray!

The Facial Oil That's Also a Serum

Busy moms do not need extra steps, and the Flower Oil by The Holistic Science Co. is the ultimate multi-beneficial oil. Because it's packed full of every concentrated botanical oil that's known to be good for your skin, we consider it a Serum-Moisturizer combo! One and Done. Purchase In Store or Via Phone.

The 10 Second Hair Revivers

For those days when showering isn't even an option, we have 2 toxin-free hair savers. The Dry Shampoo by Among the Flowers comes in 2 shades to easily absorb oil, add a bit of volume, and fragrance for hair that looks fresh.
Herbivore's Sea Mist Hair Spray adds a bit of volume and smells delicious, and takes about 3 seconds to spritz and scrunch before the next kid disaster hits.

The Aromatherapy Shortcut

Happy Spritz's Breathe Deeply Mist is formulated with the invigorating and cooling mix of pure peppermint oil + eucalyptus oil to give you a moment of calm among the chaos of balancing life as a mom. Spritz on your face, body, or in the air around you. Perfect to keep in your bag, and can even be used to cleanse on the go as well!

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