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Interviewer: Jaclyn Najjar, Beauty Specialist at Thread + Seed
Interviewee: Whitney Roux, Yogi
Find Her At: Mosaic Yoga | OG Yoga Events
Mosaic Yoga, Golden Hill, 811 25th St #102, San Diego, CA 92102

 Meet Whitney Roux, the energetic and fun-loving Yogi with a purpose

Jaclyn Najjar: Whitney, how long have you been practicing yoga, and when did you start teaching? 
Whitney Roux: I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years to varying degrees. I would say I got more serious about my practice about 4 years ago and really started to make yoga a part of my life every day. I have been teaching for just about a year, and loving it!
JN: What inspired you to start moving to the front of the room as a yoga teacher, and do you have any insight for anyone who is interested in teaching? 
WR: When I signed up for teacher training I actually had no intention of teaching yoga. I just wanted to deeper my practice and understanding of the philosophy and my body. As I went through the YTT program, at Mosaic Yoga in Golden Hill, I began to feel called to go further and I wanted to explore and honor that call. Teaching has been a way for me to share this practice that I love with my friends and family, and guiding people through a yoga practice is so humbling and inspiring, I can’t even describe how magical it is. If someone is interested in teaching I would say find the right teacher training for you and your practice, and don’t have expectations of what will happen afterwards, just be open to learning and what it awakens in you.
JN: Have you always called San Diego your home? How does our community influence/inspire you?
WR: I am actually a San Diego native! I grew up here, and moved to the east coast (Miami and Philadelphia) for school. But after graduate school I knew it was time to come home and I am so happy that I did. Living in San Diego as an adult has given me a whole new love for my hometown.
JN: You teach a unique form of yoga, called Vin-Yin. What is it and why do you love it?
WR: Vin-Yin is a combination of Vinyasa and Yin yoga balancing Yong (masculine energy) with Yin (feminine energy). Vinyasa style is very flowy, can be quick moving, focuses on the breath while moving through poses, it is great for flexibility and building strength. Yin is more grounded and contemplative, you hold poses for a few minutes each, often on the ground, and in the stillness you are able to stretch you fascia tissue and work to quiet the mind. I have been drawn to this style because I am a person with a lot of energy so I always thought I needed to ‘get it out’, so to speak, but when I started practicing yin it was really hard to just be still and quiet, and I realized THAT was what I really needed. I like to blend them because I believe need them to be in balance to feel stable, so why not get a little of both during your yoga practice!
JN: What is an easy way that we can incorporate the balance of yoga into our everyday lives? Is there an area that you’ve noticed the average person is especially neurotic? 
WR: Self-Love and Self-Compassion! So many of us are so busy being “busy” that we forget to stop and take care of ourselves. During our asana practice we work to feel ourselves from the inside out, but when we are off our mats we get so in our heads that sometimes we forget to stop and ask ourselves how am I feeling, what do I need right now and honoring those feelings not judging them. And in honoring ourselves in that way we can truly love ourselves, making us that much more open to unconditionally love one another.
JN: You have your hand in so many different things, but OG Yoga is one of the most interesting, tell us a little more about this wonderful program, and how we can get more involved! 
WR: Yes, OG Yoga is amazing. We are working to teach trauma informed mindfulness based yoga to individuals who need healing and resiliency, such as people who are or have been incarcerated, victims of abuse or addiction, seniors, low-vision community, low-income families, etc. Our vision is that everyone will have access to yoga one day!  All of our teachers are trained in this service based yoga and we provide that same education for any yoga teacher who wants to learn about how to teach to communities of need. You can get involved by donating, volunteering or right now Lululemon is hosting Yoga for Peace, which is a restorative yoga practice at the Hotel Del Coronado, every Sunday into June, and the proceeds benefit OG Yoga.
JN: What else do you have coming up next that we can look forward to? 
WR: The Festival of Yoga on June 24! It is a really fun day filled with yoga and live music; they have breakout sessions where you can try different styles and learn from some amazing instructors. They have a great little market to buy cool yoga gear too!


Whitney will be teaching at our Flow + Glow Event on April 21st, 2018! To see all of our upcoming events, click here! 

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