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A series Thread + Seed created to introduce you to San Diego's most passionate and inspiring experts in the clean beauty, wellness and health industries.
Interviewer: Jaclyn Najjar, Beauty Specialist at Thread + Seed
Interviewee: Virgil Sim, Sim Massage
Company: Sojourn Healing Collective
Locations: 2870 Fifth Ave. Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92103



Meet Virgil, the calm and bright owner of Sim Massage, within Sojourn Healing Collective in in Bankers Hill. We love Virgil for his soothing yet bubbly demeanor that draws people in. He has the intrinsic ability to heal and releases his clients into the world with a glass-half-full perspective on life. We were so excited to find out more about his holistic approach to massage, and on how to get some of that infectious positive energy to rub off on us.

Jaclyn Najjar: How long have you been in the wellness & massage industry, and how long have you been with Sojourn Healing Collective?

Virgil Sim: I’ve been in the wellness industry since 2005 and Massage since 2012, but with Sojourn since day 1. Sojourn was a vision in the making as of two years ago.

JN: What inspired you to become a massage therapist, and what do you love about giving massage?

VS: My healing hands are my passion and discovering what I’m capable of makes massage fulfilling. Massage to me is effortless and more of a magical dance. I seek and thrive to elevate my Massage experience through every breath I take. Every healing journey I offer is unique and special, never the same. Currently I’m in the process of going to shaman school and tapping into kundalini yoga. Presently in my healing journeys I offer: a daily reading from Lord Ganesha, talk therapy, meditation, visualization, astroprojection, aromatherapy, hot/cold therapy, reiki healing and massage therapy.

"Massage to me is effortless and more of a magical dance."

I love everything about offering my sessions. From thriving and sharing my craft, to the positive reactions of my clients. I create a healing sanctuary, so it’s not just a Massage. My healing journeys are truly a special experience of self discovery.

JN: What are some of the most common mistakes people are doing in everyday life that do not allow them to relax and heal?

VS: More than common mistakes, rather lack of mindset and intuition. Firstly, our breath is everything. It is our life force and dictates everything we do. From our mood, actions, reactions and so forth. To truly tap into relaxation and heal, we must begin within. Having a mind, body and spiritual connection. 

JN: What can people do in their everyday life to be well at home?

VS: breathe • take breaks • schedule alone time • have self-reflection time • do yoga • meditate • stretch • workout • take baths • use essential oils • smudge by burning sage or palo santo • use a foam roller • be in nature • have plants • get away from technology

JN: For those who have never gotten a massage, what are some things to know to have a good first experience?

VS: There are so many places that offer “massages”, when really the practitioners aren’t even licensed to do so, so make sure to research a legitimate massage therapist and or have a trusted referral. That being said, I can only speak for my sessions: just breathe. Come in to a massage with no expectations, be open-minded, and have no judgements-especially of oneself.

"Come in to a massage with no expectations, be open-minded, and have no judgements-especially of oneself."

JN: Virgil, you are known for taking a holistic approach to wellness. What are oracle card readings all about? What types of services to you offer in your studio?

VS: Oracle card readings are meant to give direction and affirmation to ones inquiry. In my sessions I channel the Hindu god Ganesha, or other wise known as the god who looks like an elephant. Ganesha is the god who helps remove and prevail over obstacles on ones course. I offer a 60 Minute Reiki Journey, a 60 Minute Massage Journey, and a 90 Minute Massage Journey.

JN: Are there any new or off-menu services that we can get excited about?

VS: I am lucky to work within Sojourn Healing Collective, the one stop shop for wellness. We offer yoga, massage, reiki, astrology, nutrition, life coach, meditation, workshops, acupuncture, angel/intuitive reads, aura photography and so much more!

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