Locals Only: Julia Perez of Jae & Leona


A series Thread + Seed created to introduce you to San Diego's most passionate and inspiring experts in the clean beauty, wellness and health industries.
Interviewer: Jaclyn Najjar, Beauty Specialist at Thread + Seed
Interviewee: Julia Perez, Owner of Jae & Leona
Company: Jae & Leona Beauty Collective
Location: 3022 Juniper Street, South Park San Diego

Meet Julia, She's Pretty Awesome.


Julia Perez, the vivacious and ambitious woman that owns Jae & Leona in South Park. Why is Julia our very first Locals Only to be blogged about? Well, she's pretty darn important to Thread + Seed. She is the main inspiration to our owner that recommended her first switch to plant-based skincare and continuously educates all of us here on new brands and products that are revolutionizing the clean beauty industry. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Julia and getting to know all about her background and what inspires her today. Enjoy!


Jaclyn Najjar: How long have you been an esthetician, and how long have you owned Jae & Leona?

Julia Perez: I have been an esthetician for almost 18 years. Throughout my career I've always worked in the treatment as well as dabbling in education, training and consulting with the holistic and clean beauty realm. In 2018, Jae & Leona will celebrate four years of business.

JN: What inspired you to get into the beauty industry?

JP: I was compelled to get into the beauty industry from an overwhelming desire to make connections with people. I loved the idea of being able to help indivduals feel better and more confident about the skin they're in through professional facials, at home skin care instructions and continue education surrounding not only the mind and body connection, but nutrition and better self care.

"I love seeing visible positive results on each of my guest's skin after a treatment."

-- Julia Perez of Jae & Leona

 JN: Facials are Jae & Leona’s original specialty, what do you love about giving facials?

JP: I love seeing visible positive results on each of my guest's skin after a treatment. In addition, I feel like it always goes back to the connection aspect I referenced above, with out true connection with each of my guests, my offerings and treatments would be just like any other mass marketed spa treatment anyone has received in the past, forgettable at best.

JN: What are some of the most fixable mistakes people are making when it comes to maintaining their skin?

JP: Acknowledging your skin's health is directly related to your entire body's health. Nutrition, activity levels, stress management and sleep (just to name a few) all play an important role in your skin's healthy glow. Often times individuals think the product they use are the culprits to unhealthy skin, breakouts, etc... and it's certainly a factor, but it's only a piece of a very large puzzle.

"Acknowledging your skin's health is directly related to your entire body's health." 

-- Julia Perez of Jae & Leona

JN: Can you dish on any tips to help maintain skin so we can all have clear skin and age gracefully?

JP: Maintain a healthy sleep routine, engage in activities that help manage stress, nourish your body with foods that will better support your skin's overall health, invest in consistent and regular facial treatments and products that rejuvenate skin and for all us in San Diego loving the sun - SPF all day, everyday, even if you're in an office.

JN: Julia, you are known for your rad style and beauty expertise, and you’ve recently started dipping into the modeling world. How do you get inspired?

JP: Modeling fell into my lap. I had a couple inquiries through IG, toyed around with the possibilities and went from there. It's certainly a side project and nothing I ever thought I'd do previously, but it's been fun thus far, so we shall see where it takes me. Even if it means a little extra funding to buy more donuts!

JN: Jae & Leona is known for its holistic approach to skincare and beauty, what services do you offer?

JP: I am a holistic esthetician who offers facial treatments, brow artistry as well have sugar hair removal. I work alongside a wonderful massage therapist who treats guests in our studio a couple times a week as well.

JN: Are there any fun off-menu/new services that we can get excited about?

JP: BrowTospy! It's the ultimate brow redesign, complete with shaping, a lessons on how to fill in your brows during the awkward growing periods and pointers on how to encourage new hair growth. It's so great and we've added several before and afters on our Instagram page @jaeandleona recently to share with anyone looking to get fuller beautiful brows.

Want to meet Julia in person? Check out our upcoming event Fresh Face Holiday Par-Tay and enjoy a mini facial along with brow tips and a wax by Ginger of Ginglery Wax!

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