How To Deal with Dry Winter Skin - Body Edition

We all know what happens, winter arrives and with it a wave of lizard-like scales, ingrown follicles on your thighs and butt, and a sense that you'll never feel hydrated and glowy again. Since we're suffering right there with you, we compiled a list of actually good advice to keep your skin hydrated from both the inside out and the outside in.

Prep Your Environment

Invest in a humidifier. In the winter the air can be naturally much drier, so investing in a simple humidifier is a great option. We recommend keeping it in the bedroom, this will help your skin barrier hydrated and ready for the day. It's one of the best things we've learned from our K-Beauty experts, as Koreans like to keep humidifiers in every room.

Turn down the heat (at least a bit!). We know it's cold outside, but if you turn down the heat just a bit, it will help, since the heater will further dry out the air, thus exasperating the problem.

Hydrate from the Inside

Incorporate more healthy fats into your diet. They will help to restore moisture to your skin cells, and aide in your skin's natural barrier function. We love Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil. Try this recipe for avocado toast drizzled with olive oil and topped with ricotta, lemon and basil-yum.

Stay hydrated by drink plenty of water. In the winter this becomes more difficult because we aren't naturally hot and therefore thirsty, so we love to sip on herbal tea and hot water with lemon all day to help get in even more H2O. The Barbara Teapot is the perfect way to serve your herbal tea.

On that note, also stay hydrated by keeping the alcohol and caffeine at bay. Both tend to further dehydrate overall, so now's a good time to cut back a bit.

Hydrate From the Outside In

Dry Brush before you shower. This will help to slough off dead skin cells, and get circulation pumping. This will also do wonders for that red bumpiness (ingrown and clogged follicles) that appears during the winter as well. It's much harder for moisturizers to penetrate skin if there's a layer of dead skin on top, so start brushing. Visit our shop.

Use a body scrub at least once per week. In the winter you might need to a bit more. The best ones moisturize at the same time, like this Pink Salt Scrub by Among the Flowers.

Use a Natural Sea Sponge to cleanse your skin first though. A sea sponge is gentler than a harsh plastic loofah but is just enough to give you a really great clean.

Don’t be afraid to slather on the body oil, but get the application right for ultimate hydration: Do it while you are still wet in the shower. As soon as you shut off the water, do not towel off. Instead, first apply a thin layer of body oil to your wet skin, massaging it in well. Then gently towel off. The result is moisturized skin that doesn't feel greasy. We have All These to choose from, but our favorite right now is the Brahmi/Rose Body Oil by Yoke Ayurvedic Apothecary.

Switch from Bath Salt to a Bath Milk. Bath milks help to soften that top layer of skin, making you feel less like a lizard. You'll emerge hydrated and baby soft. We love The Coconut Bath Soak by Herbivore, it smells just like real coconuts so you can go to a tropical place in your mind during the darkest months of the year.

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