Energy Balancing 101: Beginner's Guide to Crystals with Craft + Copper Jewelry

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Energy Balancing 101 Series: In this series, we explore some of the more popular ways people are finding better balance in their mind and body connections, utilizing the technique of Reiki, and the understanding of Chakras and Crystals.

Gemstones & Crystals

If you have ever been confused by the whole 'crystals thing' that's been everywhere lately, this is the post for you. I too was recently a beginner on the subject, but after learning about the modern science and ancient traditions around crystals, I've started collecting them and choosing my jewelry based on the properties of various stones, to help balance and propel my energy in the direction I want to go.

“The intelligence of our body is drawn to different gemstones because of their energetic properties” - Brenna Van Norman, Craft + Copper Jewelry

Our Energy Balancing 101 Event is on March 22nd from 7-9pm, space is limited so snag your ticket now!

Gemstones Hold Energy

Here are some key things to know about crystals:

  • They are extremely old, as in millions of years!
  • Because of their naturally perfect patterns, energy interacts with them in a specific way, giving them special electromagnetic frequencies.
  • These harmonious frequencies are why they are used in modern technologies, from quartz in watches to silicon in computers.
  • Crystals emit negative ions (electrically charged atoms), which are the same type of ions that make us feel good when we are at the beach, the forest, or anywhere in nature.

What does that have to do with our mind, body, and spirit?

A lot, as it turns out. Common science will tell you that everything has an electromagnetic field, that emits certain energies and vibrations. Since our cells also emit frequencies and vibrations, it is only logical that the special energies of crystals would interact with them. Since ancient times, gemstones have been used in various ways, because ancient civilizations recognized their special energy.

Ancient Egyptians wore oversized necklaces packed with crystals and gemstones to aid them in every aspect of life.

Gemstone use is Ancient and Global

Since the beginning of human history, we have been wearing gemstones and using them to our benefit. 

  • The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Indians, Mayans, Aztecs, Incans, Australian Aborigines, Chinese, Japanese & Tibetans and even the Europeans, all have traditions of utilizing crystals and gemstones to help heal, protect and enlighten, and were used in everything from battle armor to jewelry, many of which are still incorporated today.

How to Choose Crystals for Energy Balancing

This is the fun part! Crystals can be held or placed nearby, but at Thread + Seed, our favorite way is to wear them! Jewelry made with gemstones can be a wonderful way to intentionally introduce the energies of crystals into your life.

On a spiritual level, all crystals are always positive, however they may impact you in both subtle and profound ways. You can choose a crystal based on what you would like to balance, via chakras, or you can simply use your intuition and see which one you are drawn to.

Learn more about Craft + Copper by attending our Energy Balancing Workshop on March 22nd.

    Choosing a Crystal based on Chakras

    Different crystals are associated with different properties. Each color family of stone can correlate to a chakra, which is a great way to choose your first crystal. Crystals can also aide in the amplification of other treatments and practices, such as Reiki and meditation.

    Here are a few examples of crystals, their chakras, and their energies:

    Amethyst – Crown Chakra
    • Spiritual Enlightenment, Wisdom, Understanding
    Rose Quartz – Heart Chakra
    • Unconditional Love, Self-Care, Fertility
    Black Onyx - Root Chakra (Base Chakra)
    • Trust, Protection, Grounding

    Clearing & Cleansing Your Crystals

    Clearing a crystal is important in both as a ritual for setting intention, and to clear any energy interactions it had before it got to you. This can be done any number of ways, but we love the easiest: a Sunlight or full Moonlight bath, or  by smudging utilizing the smoke of Palo Santo, Sage, or Cedar.

    As you clear your crystal, take some time to set your intention for the stone, by thinking about what area in your life needs balancing, and meditate on this. It's also a good idea to dedicate your crystal to be used for the highest good. 

    Find more about Energy Balancing, learn the basics of Clean Beauty and more by Checking Out Our Blog.

    One Last Tip

    Crystals and Energy Balancing are all about exercising your intuition. This means there are no wrong answers. You may be drawn to a certain stone without the knowledge of why, and that is great! You can simply meditate on how that stone makes you feel, and the positive changes it may bring. 

    Our Energy Balancing 101 Event is on March 22nd from 7-9pm, space is limited so snag your ticket now!

    To see all of our upcoming events, check out our Event Calendar Here.


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