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Energy Balancing 101 Series: In this series, we explore some of the more popular ways people are finding better balance in their mind and body connections, utilizing the technique of Reiki, and the understanding of Chakras and Crystals.

Chakras & Molly's Chakra Sprays

Understanding how to balance your energy, especially when you are feeling stressed, scattered, or 'out of whack' is all about Chakra Balancing. 

Most spiritual traditions recognize that the body has a central spirituality flowing through it. Christians call it the Holy Spirit, but Hindus, Buddhists and Jainists take it a step further and refer to this as a system - the Chakras. It's just like the nervous system, but for your energies. Most commonly there are 7 Chakras that are recognized. Keeping them aligned can be the key to a happier and healthier life.

By being able to access our spiritual and energetic core, we can achieve a more balanced life.

Here's What You Need to Know:

  • Chakras are centers that distribute energy around our body and mind.
  • Chakras are energetic, not physical, so we access them through things like breathing, meditation, and Reiki.
  • When you are balanced, your Chakras are open and flowing with energy, life will be more manageable, and your intentions will easily flow into actions.
  • When you are open to your Chakras you can live a more healthful and happy life, because you are more in tune with your body and mind.

The Seven Chakras

7 Chakras

1. Root Chakra
Location: Base of the Spine
Attributes: Survival, Security, Trust, Base Chakra
2. Sacral Chakra
Location: Lower Abdomen
Attributes: Emotions, sexuality, fertility, and creativity
    3. Solar Plexus Chakra
    Location: Just above the Belly Button
    Attributes: Personal Power and Metabolic Energy
      4. Heart Chakra
      Location: Sternum/Heart
      Attributes: Love, Self-Care
        5. Throat Chakra
        Location: Center of Neck/Throat
        Attributes: Communication and Truth
          6. Third Eye Chakra
          Location: Center of the Forehead
          Attributes: Clairvoyance, Intuition, and Imagination
            7. Crown Chakra
            Location: Top of the Head
            Attributes: Knowledge & Understanding

                  Chakra Sprays

                  From Molly with Love's Chakra Sprays are a super fun way to begin incorporating the ideas of chakra balancing into your life.

                  When Molly began she imagined what each Chakra smelled like if it had a scent. As a Reiki Master and trained Yoga Teacher, she used this knowledge and understanding to create these aromatherapy sprays as part of her skincare line.

                  "I started by imagining what each Chakra would smell like if it had a scent." - Molly 

                  They are intended to be used as inspiration, a great accompaniment to any other practice, or in every day life. There are so many different ways to help align a specific area of your life.

                  Each Chakra Spray begins with locally sourced water that is pH balanced and ionized, infused with Rose Quartz Crystals, and then using Reiki, the water is balanced and energize the water.

                  A great place to start is the Root Chakra Spray, since the Root Chakra is where the energy is ultimately grounded, or you might be drawn to ah specific scent. Spritz on your body (directly on that Chakra) or in the air around you, during meditation or whenever!

                  Follow your intuition on this one, but here are some ideas to spark your direction from Molly:

                  One Last Tip

                  Energy Balancing and Chakras are all about exercising your intuition. This means there are no wrong answers. You may be drawn to a certain chakra or scent without the knowledge of why, and that is great! You can simply meditate on how it makes you feel, and the positive changes it may bring.

                  Find more about Energy Balancing, learn the basics of Clean Beauty and more by checking out the rest of our blog by clicking here.


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