Make the Switch to Clean Skincare

We see you.

Yeah you, eating your nut butter, practicing your sun salutations, and nourishing your soul. At Thread & Seed, our mission is to help you take care of the outside of your body the same way you take care of the inside.

How? With skincare created with natural, botanical ingredients, made with intention and love.

What we put on our skin is food for our body.

Did you know your skin (the largest organ in your body) absorbs the majority of what you put on it? That means what we put on our skin is like food for our skin and body. So give it healthier food.


Clean Beauty Products are created mindfully and holistically with high-quality botanical ingredients, while avoiding toxins and potentially harmful chemicals. Many products are handcrafted, and all keep personal health and the environment around us in mind.

With hundreds of brands on the market, we made it easier by doing the research for you and chose only the best in terms of ingredients, effectiveness, and they'll look great on your bathroom counter to boot.








Because we care so deeply about your skin, we are making it easier to switch by highlighting a different category each month from August - November.

August // Cleanse

Rosehip Cleanser by Indie Lee | $34

In August, we'll start it off with cleansers, helping you find your favorite form, including oil cleansers, bar soaps, gels and cream cleansers--we've got em all!

September // Tone

Bamboo + Fresh Mint Clearing Mist by Little Barn Apothecary | $16

We'll cut through the confusion regarding toners (spoiler: yes, you need to tone) and help you find the perfect one for your skin type.

October // Hydrate

Emerald Deep Glow Moisture Oil by Herbivore | $48

Fall is the perfect time to start thinking about what you use to moisturize. At Thread & Seed we prefer oils and will show you what to look for in a great facial oil that will moisturize deeply and address all your skin's needs.

November // Treat

Green Tea Clay Mask by Woodlot | $24

Treat your friends and family to a truly effective botanically-based mask, and don't forget to snag one for yourself! We'll help you give the gift of Clean Beauty this holiday season.

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