Decoding the Wheel: Astrology 101

DECODING THE WHEEL SERIES: In this series, we orient ourselves with Astrology by giving a background and history, interviewing local Astrologer Melissa LaFara of Energetic Principles, and through our Decoding the Wheel Beginner Astrology Event on June 21st!

What is Astrology?

     If you feel that Astrology seems as if it is becoming more popular, you are right! At Thread + Seed, we've been very interested in exploring some of the ever more popular ways that our society is seeking out understanding and balance beyond the physical world. We have explored the ideas of Crystals, Reiki and Chakras, but we take a step further and present Decoding the Wheel: Astrology for Beginners. Read on to find out a little more about the origins of those daily horoscopes we all read, and be sure to get tickets to our event on June 21st, where we will learn how to interpret our Birth Wheel!

     The Oxford English Dictionary sums the definition of Astrology quite nicely: "The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world."

A Brief History of Astrology

Ancient Tablets depict Babylonians using sacred Astrology wheel   

The astrology that we are familiar with today actually dates to about 3000 BCE. Astrology was always intertwined with ancient peoples’ calendar systems. Spirituality came hand-in-hand with the mapping of seasonal shifts and the movement of the stars.

     Woodcut of Babylonian Astrologers mapping the stars

There are several Astrological traditions throughout the world, but the one that Westerners use most commonly has its origins in Ancient Babylonia. The first physical evidence of a complete astrological system there is from the Mesopotamian Dynasty of 1950-1651 BCE, but it is likely much older. The Babylonians used science and mathematics to accurately predict the movement of the stars and the changing of the seasons, but this was always done in conjunction with the belief that the gods presented themselves in the stars and planets.

Natal Chart Woodcut from 1515 for German man Leonhard Reymann

     As millenia progressed, The Greeks’ and Egyptians’ (you may have heard of Ptolemy, the most famous ancient Astrologer/Astronomer) influence over the region gave rise to the evolution of modern Natal Horoscopic Astrology, of which we are familiar with today. This involves mapping the stars and season of one’s birthdate, allowing us to better interpret ourselves by orienting our spirituality with the universe.
     Astrology was also considered a scholarly tradition until modern times, and was not separated from Astronomy until recently (around the 17th century). For this reason, we can thank Astrology for driving interest in developing Astronomy as its own discipline.
     As Astronomy became more popular, Astrology as a discipline fell to the wayside. In the 20th century, however, Astrology began gaining popularity again, via mass media. Newspapers and magazine horoscopes have remained popular, and this has driven modern interest in the subject.

How Astrology Can Help Us Today

     In today’s modern secular society, many of us have turned to these ancient spiritual traditions to help us better understand ourselves and the universe on a deeper level. Understanding one’s Natal Chart and subsequent horoscopes can be empowering. They often help us identify and understand our own internal patterns and neuroses, as well as what positive tendencies can help us bring more joy and prosperity into our lives.
     Even if you don’t believe in horoscopes and astrology on a deep level, the practice is often deemed as an excellent way to turn one’s own critical reflection inward, and mental and spiritual growth can come regardless.

Join Us At our Decoding The Wheel Event


     Join us as we present Decoding the Wheel: Astrology for Beginners - Happening June 21st, 2018! Thread + Seed joins forces with Melissa LaFara of Energetic Principles, where we will learn how to decode our birth wheel (natal chart). We will learn how to identify components of the chart and the quadrants of expression to help get a feel for the wheel and its symbols. Get insight into your Sun, Moon, and Rising, as well as your career point. Find out what planet rules your chart and the two planets that help and hinder. This is a great workshop for beginners to become acquainted with the basics of the chart and to provide a jumping off point to continue your journey with the stars!
     Our Decoding the Wheel Event will also include complimentary snacks and cocktails from the Thread + Seed pantry and your ticket will get you 15% off all purchases made that night! Shop our collection of astrological jewelry, candles, books and gifts.

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