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We're here to help clear up the confusion around toners. This is the perfect place to start if you are unsure if you actually need one, what they do, and what toner is best for your individual skin type.

// Do you actually need a toner? //

In short, the answer is YES. The long answer is HECK YES. Many of us might have quit toners a long time ago because they were too strong and dried us out, causing irritation and sensitivities, but toners have vastly improved since the 90's, and they're the key to getting your best skin yet.

// What makes a good toner? //

A toner should do a few key things. Firstly, a toner helps to get off all the dirt, grease, grime, makeup and leftover cleanser that you didn't quite rinse off when you finished Cleansing. Secondly, a toner is crucial for balancing your skin's PH level. The surface of your skin is optimally healthy when it is in a slightly acidic state. It's great for your skin's microbiome to maintain healthy levels, plus your skin better absorbs moisturizers and facial oils when it is just slightly acidic. Lastly, if you are going to tone, you might as well pick one that will add healthy, nourishing ingredients to your skin and help to address your skin's individual needs.

What makes a good toner

Completes The Cleansing Process

Balances Your Skin's PH

Adds Nourishment to Skin

// Our Picks for Every Skin Type //


Soothe Toner | $22

This gentle, soothing and refreshing toner by From Molly With Love is perfect for all skin types but works really well for dry, sensitive and mature skin. It helps to treat dryness, redness, irritation, and problem pores. Rose is particularly nourishing and cooling, while lavender helps your skin produce the right amount sebum oil to keep it suppler.

Dry: Nourishing Facial Toner by Woodlot

Nourishing Facial Toner | $28

This refreshing blend of rose water and witch hazel from Woodlot tightens, balances and soothes skin, plus it contains hyaluronic acid which draws moisture to the skin. It's the perfect way to prep your skin for that extra glow.

Normal: CoQ-10 Toner by Indie Lee

CoQ-10 Toner | $34

Indie Lee's best-selling toner is an alcohol free, skin-balancing formula featuring antioxidant CoQ-10. The hydrating and refreshing mixture diminishes the appearance of pores and balance the skin's pH level, and features the weightless moisture of aloe vera.

Combo: Jasmine Green Tea Toner by Herbivore

Jasmine Green Tea Toner | $22

This toner from Herbivore is formulated with skin soothing and hydrating jasmine water as its star ingredient. Antioxidant green tea extract helps rid toxins and repair the skin, preventing many signs of aging. White willow bark is naturally high in salicylic acid with helps unclog pores by clearing excess sebum.

Oily + Acne Prone: Bamboo + Fresh Mint Clearing Mist by Little Barn

Bamboo + Fresh Mint Clearing Mist | $16

We love this toner by Little Barn because it contains toning licorice root, an anti-inflammatory that also effectively protects the skin from free-radical induced damage. It also features bamboo extract, which is high in silica to help your body to produce collagen, keeping your skin soft, smooth, and youthful. Spearmint acts as a natural astringent while working to heal and soothe acne prone skin.

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