Clean Beauty 101: Summer Skincare Tips

Hey guys! With Summer fast approaching (and here in SoCal you never know when the heat will surprise us!) Here are some easy things you can adjust in your skincare routine to get ready for those long days in the sun.

Before Sun: Prep your Skin and Body


Coconut Citrus Body Scrub $38

Have you ever watered a plant with a bunch of dead leaves on top of the soil? Not much gets through! That's what happens when you put sunscreen or lotion on top of dead skin cells. Make sure it's being absorbed properly by exfoliating before applying sunscreen and moisturizers.

Clearing Mask $60 

This is the perfect thing to do the evening before a day in the sun, both on your body using a scrub and on your face using a light enzyme mask.

Hydrate both Inside and Out

Learn more about the basics of clean beauty and skincare here.

We all know hydrating is very important, and in the summer it gets easier because we feel thirstier! Stay on top of internal dehydration by sipping on water throughout the day and by "eating your water" by loading up on hydrating fruits and veggies.

Soothing Aloe Mist $20

Don't forget to pack a hydrating mist, as the sun can zap your skin's natural water levels, plus it feels awesome when you are flushed. I love Herbivore's Aloe Mist for throughout the day.

During Sun: EiR Surf Mud Collection

Protect Your Skin with SPF

We all should know by now how essential it is to protect your skin from the sun. The easiest way to do that is to apply and re-apply SPF all day. I'm obsessed with EiR's collection of suncare products to help us do that with ease and they do it all without the need for chemicals!

Surf Mud Body Oil $36

EiR's Surf Mud Body Oil is perfect for keeping your skin moisturized and protected. With SPF 15 that comes from a clear zinc oxide that still forms the important barrier from the sun, this lightweight oil will protect you without turning you that weird white color.

For Extra Protection: Surf Mud & Surf Mud Pro

Surf Mud $26

EiR's Surf Mud is perfect for those areas that need the extra protection (SPF 30) and as an all natural, water resistant, hydrating sunblock is perfect for the face and scalp. Surf Mud also contains plenty of healthy ingredients like antioxidant chocolate to help fight free radicals caused by sun exposure.

Surf Mud Pro $32

And for those of us who really need to spackle it on, EiR makes an SPF 50 Surf Mud Pro, for anyone and everyone who needs all the protection they can get. I really love the Pro for earlobes, noses, and shoulders, areas that seem to always get the most burned if I don't properly protect them! And yes, this guy's waterproof too!

Apres Sun: EiR Sunset Oil

Sunset Oil $36

After a day in the sun, it's imperative to repair and moisturize the skin. This arnica and aloe soothe the skin with cooling properties, and a selection of essential oils and vitamins heal parched skin, damaged by the sun, salt, and wind. Great for not only your body, but also your face and even the hair and scalp.

One Last Tip

This really should go without saying, but I feel it's important enough to throw in at the end as well. Even if you don't burn easily, such as those of us with olive skin (me), it is still so so important to protect your skin from sun exposure.

You can find similar guidelines all over the web, but here is the renowned Mayo Clinic's guide to what to look for in a sunscreen (hint, EiR meets their criteria!)

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