Clean Beauty 101: An Introduction

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Thread + Seed is excited to introduce Clean Beauty 101, a series all about the biggest movement in personal care!

Clean Beauty 101: AN INTRODUCTION

Lapis Face Oil by HerbivoreHerbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil

Clean Beauty is one of the buzziest phrases of the past few years. We’ve been hearing about it everywhere. Every Instagram seems to feature a cool chick with #DewySkin and #BeachWaves and celebrities are telling us to rub colorful Facial Oils on our faces. 

My Journey to Clean Beauty

Herbivore Botanicals After Sun & Sea Mist
My personal journey to Clean Beauty started where so many trends find us: Instagram. I wanted that glow from within all those chill, makeup-free models had!
At the same time, I noticed the department store brands weren’t doing enough for my traditionally dry skin. My complexion was dull and I realized I was just burning money on products that were doing nothing. At the same time I began learning about all the potentially harmful ingredients lurking in our personal care products.
I first went on the hunt for an all natural hair spray to achieve that just-out-of-the-ocean beach wave (it’s still one of my faves! Shop Herbivore’s Sea Mist Here). Since then, my interest has turned into a full blown obsession. The best part? My skin could not be happier.

Clean Beauty, Defined

Little Barn TEst

Okay, enough about insta models. What is Clean Beauty, exactly? Although there is no official definition, Clean Beauty products have several key factors that make them different than the rest of the beauty world:

Clean Beauty Products are created mindfully and holistically with high-quality botanical ingredients, while avoiding toxins and potentially harmful chemicals. Many products are handcrafted, and all keep personal health and the environment around us in mind.

No Harmful Chemicals

Less Ingredients
More Botanicals
Holistic Approach

Clean Beauty, The Movement

Little Barn Apothecary's Headquarters

So we’ve already established that Clean Beauty has started popping up everywhere, and as a movement it’s begun to revolutionize the industry. Once a small niche of products that used to be limited to that dusty aisle of the health food store, now they’re on the front lines.
They’ve become some of the coolest new skincare and beauty brands and products out there. It’s one of the reasons why we are so excited about it here at Thread + Seed.

Being A Smart Consumer

Palermo Body

Palermo Skincare Products

In Europe, more than 1,300 chemicals are banned or restricted, while more than 800 are banned or restricted in Canada. Due to outdated laws, only 11 substances are banned or restricted in the US.
Because there is no government agency scrutinizing our skincare and beauty products, it’s up us as consumers to look at the ingredient lists, read the mission statements of brands, and vote with our dollars. Which, as it turns out, has become easy to do, since we no longer have to compromise on quality, aesthetic, or convenience.

Thread + Seed Loves Clean Beauty

At Thread + Seed we believe in the ‘less is more’ concept when it comes to your space, your skincare, and your life. We are minimalists at heart who believe that skincare should reflect your style, your values, and help you be your most beautiful-from the inside out.
We have handpicked Clean Beauty products that we are obsessed with ourselves, and we know you will be too.



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