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It's Time to Stay Home and Zen Out

It's Time to Stay Home and Zen Out

Here we are, a moment where we are asked to slow down, stay home and embrace a different life than what we are used to. Take some time to create a space you can relax in and practice self-care. Here are some of our favorite ways to create a cozy, calm and zen space.

1. Incorporate tools to clear and uplift the energy in your space. 

Look for candles, smudging tools such as sage and palo santo, crystals and incense.


2. Create nooks that help to stimulate creativity.


A beautifully crafted mug and touches of greenery are a must!


3. Select cozy pieces to provide warmth and texture.


Layer with big fluffy rugs and textured throws.


4. Add artwork that soothes your soul.



We love hand crafted art especially when it has a soft texture. These pieces are by Color + Peaks, hand dyed and crafted.


5. Keep books around to cultivate growth and inspiration.



While we can't travel right now, we can decorate embracing a global spirit! Travel Home is filled with inspiring ways to create a space filled with ethnic touches and eclectic textures.



For more inspiration, shop our HOME COLLECTION. Stay safe, stay positive and stay zen.


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